Maclay Northside Dolphins is a non-profit and tax deductible (501 (c)(3)) organization. Our swim team serves school age children at all levels of swimmers from those just starting out to those competing on a state level. Presently, our primary focus is on developmental training in and out of the pool. Our swimmers range in age from 7 to 17 years of age and engage in varying degrees of commitment. Depending on placement in certain practice groups, our swimmers can participate in weekly practice anywhere from 3.5 hours to 14 hours per week. Weekly practices include pool work plus weight training. All levels of ability and commitment are welcome, although commitment is strongly encouraged. The sport of swimming in unique in that success can be achieved even without great talent if you are willing to work hard and work consistently. As evidenced by so many of our success stories, a high level of accomplishment is virtually inevitable as long as you stay with the sport long enough!


Events Info - Save the dates

- October 17-18 --> Bolles Meet

- October 24 --> DOLF Developmental Meet

- November 7-8 --> Dothan Meet

- November 11 --> Swim-O-Rama

- November 21-23 --> GPAC "Gravy Bowl" Meet

Practice schedule - Newsletter #5

- Friday mornings, Oct 2 and on--> No more early Friday practice.

- Friday afternoon--> normal times for practice.

- Pre-Team--> no Wednesday this week, make-up by starting early Friday (5:45) and Saturday 11:30.

Top Times Florida and National ranked has been updated.

Fall 2015 practice schedules revision 3 - updated September 13, 2015.

Due to Maclay HighSchool swim meet schedule:

  • Tuesday, October 6 - No afternoon practice

IMPORTANT! If your swimmer plans to take a break from swimming, please email our treasurer two weeks in advance in order for us to suspend or cancel your account from being billed from Team Unify.